We can provide the following on-site translation services: 

  • Interview Appointment

  • Citizenship Application Process

  • During Citizenship Test​


The law states that if you are 50-years old and have been a permanent resident of the United States for 20 years, or if you are 55 years old and have been in the country for 15 years, you have the legal right to take the Naturalization Citizenship interview and written test in Spanish.

It is not mandatory for USCIS employees to speak Spanish or any other language.  Naturalization applicants who qualify to take the test in Spanish may be forced to take the interview and written tests in English because the caseworker assigned does not speak Spanish. If your caseworker only speaks English call STT!!!

STT is always only a call away. We interpreted interview and written tests for many and helped them become US Citizens.

The law also states that if you are 50-years old but do not meet the requirement of permanent residency you have the legal right to bring an interpreter with you to translate during the interview portion only.  The written part of the test will be in English. 


Our clients say they felt relaxed and confident when STT was there to interpret for them.