• Telephonic, on-site, or Skype interpreting and/or translation

  • Attorney-client appointments

  • Court appearances

  • Travel visits by appointment (price negotiable)

  • Prison or other custodial institutions

Translations for Legal Professionals

A good Spanish translator/interpreter is critical in the courts. It is important that your words and thoughts are translated correctly because for many it can mean their freedom or their life.

Translating legal documents need accurate and correct translation, and is one of the most difficult of all translation work. There are many things that need legal translation, including birth certificates, application letters, deposition records, financial statements, evidence documents, litigation materials, and business contracts.

Court Interpreters play a key role in our trial courts by interpreting for defendants, litigants, and witnesses, thereby helping to ensure access to justice for thousands of Californians with limited English proficiency.​

We provide translation solutions wherever you need us ...